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We help people create the conditions for themselves and others to thrive by developing Emotional Intelligence effectively.


As a social enterprise devoted to the democratization of Emotional Intelligence, we direct 10% of our revenue towards financing training programs for organizations serving children and youth in developing countries.

How would you like to build your Emotional Intelligence?

We are committed to providing efficient and scientifically-based resources that ensure sustainable change. 




Did you miss the first United Nations Conference on Emotional Intelligence?

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Aprende a cómo desarrollar tu Inteligencia Emocional en quince días y conviértete en la mejor versión de ti mismo. Este curso consta de actividades diarias y cuatro cuatro sesiones online (Webinars) de 90 minutos cada una. Además, se ofrece certificado de participación. 

Leverage your emotions to define your next career move

The Ripple Effect Passion Questionnaire is a tool designed to help adults and teenagers figure out their next professional step by identifying what they are deeply passionate about. 


Not only is this tool going to offer you valuable insights, it is also a great exercise for developing your self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Emotional Intelligence and coaching

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Developing your Emotional Intelligence is an investment in your well-being, and our coaching methodology is the best way for doing so.

The Ripple Effect Model

We believe developing Emotional Intelligence is not just sensing inner signals, managing internal states, adapting to different circumstances, and practicing empathy towards others. This is what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence on a first, graspable level.


The Ripple Effect Model offers a holistic examination of what having Emotional Intelligence means in practice.

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