Our Mission

Here at The Ripple Effect, we believe that Emotional Intelligence, as well as Social and Emotional Learning, can help both adults and children, by improving:


  • the teachers’ and educators’ well-being, success, and experience in the workplace
  • the parents’ and guardians’ well-being, effectiveness, and relationship with their children
  • the children’s well-being, development, and academic success.


Research shows that adults who develop their Emotional Intelligence through building self-awareness and self-management skills, have less chances of showing symptoms of depression and experiencing internal suffering or burnout, have increased job and life satisfaction, and are better able to form healthy relationships.


Teachers who develop their Emotional Intelligence also have a positive impact on their students’ academic achievements and personal development. Emotions are contagious; and every interaction adults have with children shapes the latter’s personality, and can therefore take them a step closer to becoming emotionally intelligent adults themselves.


We believe in the democratization of Emotional Intelligence, and the ripple effect this can have on the current society at large and future generations all over the world. Building Emotional Intelligence can help end the vicious cycles of trauma, poverty, and violence that war-torn and poverty-stricken countries often face, by significantly impacting their development.

Our mission is to support all stakeholders involved in child and youth development in building their Emotional Intelligence, so that they can, in turn, create the best conditions for children or students to thrive. They will consequently be able to generate the most efficient, sustainable, and positive ripple effect for the future of their communities.


For these reasons, we facilitate the development of:


  • Teachers, educators, parents, and guardians all over the world, including those who live or operate in crisis contexts


  • Organizations involved in child and youth welfare and education, including but not limited to national and international nonprofit organizations

This is why we founded The Ripple Effect, an organization aimed ultimately at planting the seeds for the future generations to thrive.

Why Us?

Our Respect for Emotional Intelligence


Here at The Ripple Effect, we see Emotional Intelligence as the most important skillset one can develop to reach one’s dreams, and achieve personal and professional growth. We know that Emotional Intelligence can improve lives, and we wish to share how.


We deeply appreciate the hard work numerous researchers have put into the field of Emotional Intelligence so that it can be embraced and valued by the scientific community, and responsibly used by Emotional Intelligence professionals.


For these reasons, we will always defend the democratization of affordable and high-quality Emotional Intelligence training and coaching. We will always value and honor the work that scientists and researchers have done, by referencing their work when we need to; and we will always encourage a non-political use of Emotional Intelligence.


Our Knowledge of Emotional Intelligence


We, at The Ripple Effect, have studied under and been mentored by Dr. Daniel Goleman, the psychologist who introduced the world to the competencies and impact of developing Emotional Intelligence, and his team. We are committed to honoring Dr. Goleman’s legacy, building on his work and spreading his message even further.

Many stay on the surface of what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence, understanding some basic concepts, but missing the real impact this might have.


Developing one’s Emotional Intelligence doesn’t just mean managing one’s emotions and being empathetic towards others. Developing one’s Emotional Intelligence means being responsible for one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions, being able to adapt to any circumstance, and seeing disruptive emotions as gateways to problem-solving and growth. It means changing one’s self-identity, as well as altering how one perceives and reacts to the world.


This is what we want to help you achieve.


At the same time, we understand how Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness can be misperceived, due to a lack of scientific explanation. We are committed to using and incorporating scientifically proven tools and resources in our coaching and training programs. We make sure that the services we offer have and facilitate a deep understanding of what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence, and are always backed by science.


Our Commitment to You


Last but not least, we know that the science of Emotional Intelligence, just like any other field, is always being updated, refined and, in some cases, modified. We hold ourselves accountable for keeping up with scientific research and discoveries, so that we can support teachers, parents, guardians, and organizations all over the world with quality services they all evenly deserve.


We take client servicing very seriously; our clients feeling safe and heard is very important to us. We believe in the power of empathy and make it our goal to practice what we preach.


This is why our clients can always expect to receive top-quality products and services.


This is how we are able to generate the most efficient, sustainable, and positive ripple effect for the future of our communities.

Our Community

The Ripple Effect Community is an international network of parents, guardians, educators, and other stakeholders involved in child and youth development, who are interested in building their own Emotional Intelligence as well as the next generation’s. It is a community of support aimed at helping its members to ultimately create the best conditions for children or students to thrive.  


If you wish to take part in our vision, follow us on social media. Read our daily posts on Emotional Intelligence, Social and Emotional Learning, and the work international organizations are currently doing.

We invite parents, guardians, and educators all over the world (including those who work in crisis contexts), as well as organizations (including but not limited to national and international nonprofit organizations) involved in child and youth welfare and education to join in the conversation on EI and SEL on our social media accounts. Contact us if you wish to share your own work, needs, ideas, or any other EI-related content with our network. 

The Ripple Effect Community is intended for its members to support each other in any way, shape, or form possible.


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