About the Coaching Engagement

Do you want to decrease your stress levels and use your emotions to your advantage?


Given the current circumstances our world is in, we are aware of the many possible stressors educators, parents, guardians, and all others involved in child and youth development around the globe might be facing on a daily basis.


Developing our Emotional Intelligence is an investment in our well-being, and coaching is the best methodology for doing so.


As coaches specialized in Emotional Intelligence, we are qualified to help you:

  • Develop your emotional self-awareness; we will help you recognize what you are thinking and feeling at all times, and therefore, ultimately gain the ability to choose how you respond to situations.


  • Develop self-management skills; we will help you decrease your stress levels during challenging times, and manage your emotions so that you are not dominated by them. 


At the same time, we will guide you through digging deeper towards achieving sustainable change. You will have the opportunity to: 


  • Identify your blind spots within The Ripple Effect Model (shown below), and develop each and every one of the Emotional Intelligence behaviors.


  • Help develop the Emotional Intelligence of your students and/or children.

We are offering you one introductory coaching session free of charge.


Once you have received your free introductory session, you can continue the coaching engagement with us under the following options:

One Coaching Session

Six-Session Coaching Package

Complimentary session: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the coaching methodology, and identification of the client’s motivational drivers


Sessions 1-2: Evaluation of the client’s Emotional Intelligence, and identification of blind spots through personal and 360o assessments


Sessions 3-6: Forming and building habits that foster the efficient and sustainable development of the client’s Emotional Intelligence

*The coaching sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes and the outline presented above can vary depending on the client’s needs.

Why us?


We, at The Ripple Effect, have studied under and been mentored by Dr. Daniel Goleman, the psychologist who introduced the world to the competencies and impact of developing Emotional Intelligence, and his team. We are committed to honoring Dr. Goleman’s legacy, building on his work, and spreading his message even further.

Many stay on the surface of what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence, understanding some basic concepts, but missing the real impact this might have.


Developing one’s Emotional Intelligence doesn’t just mean managing one’s emotions and being empathetic towards others. Developing one’s Emotional Intelligence means being responsible for one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions, being able to adapt to changing circumstances, and seeing disruptive emotions as gateways to problem-solving and growth. It means changing one’s self-identity, as well as altering how one perceives and reacts to the world.


This is what we want to help you achieve.

Our coaching methodology is founded on principles of Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and creating meaningful and lasting habit change.


We understand how Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness can be misperceived, due to a lack of scientific explanation. We are committed to using and incorporating scientifically proven tools and resources in our coaching and training programs. We make sure that the services we offer have and facilitate a deep understanding of what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence, and are always backed by science.


Reach out to us if you would like to benefit from an introductory session free of charge!