Emotional Intelligence and Coaching

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a process in which the coach facilitates the client’s path towards:


  • discovering goals, needs, and motivations in life;
  • achieving the goals the client sets;
  • changing habits that might not be serving the client; and
  • creating habits towards a happier, healthier, and more conscious life.


To achieve true and lasting changes, the coach fosters a relationship of trust, respect, and security with the client.


The basic principle in coaching is that the client has all the answers and solutions already within. Sometimes due to conflicting mental processes, we cannot find those answers; we cannot see those solutions. All we need is some guidance to unearth them. That is the coach’s job.


In order to do so, the coach utilizes a scientific approach, originating from the principles of Positive Psychology, the Theory of Intentional Change (ICT), and Emotional Intelligence. This combination enables the clients to create positive and lasting mental, behavioral, and practical changes in their lives.


Why is coaching the best methodology for developing Emotional Intelligence?


The reason why coaching is the most efficient methodology for learning about emotions and developing Emotional Intelligence is that it necessitates a highly experiential process. Emotions, like thoughts, cannot be switched on and off like a lightbulb. There is no formula or instruction sheet telling us how to deal with them. Developing Emotional Intelligence is a journey that requires conscious effort. Our emotions, and our ways of understanding, and coping with or leveraging them, are unique to each one of us; this is why we are the only ones who can carve this journey, under appropriate professional guidance.


The coach facilitates the client’s journey of changing and/or creating mental habits, by activating the areas of the brain that develop Emotional Intelligence capabilities such as self-awareness, emotion management, empathy, resilience, and social awareness.

Activating our “inner coach”


The objective of any coach is to guide clients through finding what drives them in life, setting achievable goals, and forming habits conducive to these goals. An Emotional Intelligence coach, however, aims at helping clients develop the skillset necessary for them to guide their own journey moving forward. Clients are ultimately able to self-reflect, self-manage, and further develop their resilience and Emotional Intelligence on their own. They learn to activate their “inner coach”.


Having an inner coach means gaining awareness of our emotions and having the ability to evaluate our own mental processes, in order to have a better overview of each situation we are experiencing. Having an inner coach also means we have secured internal or external strategies that allow us to respond to unpleasant emotions or self-limiting thoughts whenever these arise. Our inner coach guides us towards more conscious decisions that are not dominated by our emotions.

The following steps can be used to develop our own Emotional Intelligence and activate our “inner coach”:


  • Step 1 – Gain self-awareness
  • Step 2 – Examine our past
  • Step 3 – Think about the consequences of our habits
  • Step 4 – Build a strategy to bring about that change


All unpleasant emotions are preceded by unconscious thoughts that, left unattended, can take control over our decisions, actions, and life. By activating our inner coach, we become aware of our self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with new mental habits that serve us better. This is an ongoing journey of increasing control over our feelings, thoughts, actions, life, and, ultimately, our happiness. 


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Given the current circumstances our world is in, we are aware of the many possible stressors educators, parents, guardians, and all others involved in child and youth development around the globe might be facing on a daily basis.


Emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones, cannot be controlled without conscious effort. In fact, the only thing we have direct control over in our lives is how we react to our thoughts, our emotions, and the challenges we face. That’s the only thing we really have direct influence over. Emotions, therefore, must be respected, valued, listened to, and leveraged to make decisions and solve problems.


Developing our Emotional Intelligence is an investment in our well-being, and coaching is the best methodology for doing so.


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