Develop your Emotional Intelligence and become
the best
version of yourself

Emotional Intelligence for you and yours

Develop your Emotional Intelligence
and become the best
version of yourself

Emotional Intelligence for you and yours

You might land the job thanks to your IQ

But you will thrive thanks to your Emotional Intelligence

Measure your Emotional Intelligence and identify your blind spots


Understand yourself better and build your self-confidence


Lower your stress levels and learn how to manage unpleasant emotions


Develop the ability to empathize with everyone, even those you have a difficulty connecting with


Foster trust in all your relationships


Resolve conflicts effectively

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We help you develop your Emotional Intelligence effectively and create the conditions for yourself and all those around you to thrive. But our vision doesn't end there. 


In order to democratize Emotional Intelligence, we direct 10% of our revenue towards financing training programs for organizations serving children and youth in developing countries.


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Join our awesome Community!

Build your Emotional Intelligence now

We are committed to providing efficient and scientifically-based resources that ensure sustainable change.

Training for Individuals

Training for Organizations

Did you miss the first United Nations Conference on Emotional Intelligence?

Use your emotions to determine your next career move

The Ripple Effect Passion Questionnaire is a tool designed to help adults and teenagers figure out their next professional step by identifying what they are deeply passionate about. 


Not only is this tool going to offer you valuable insights, it is also a great exercise for developing your self-awareness and self-confidence.

Emotional Intelligence and coaching

We personally guide you to what you need

Discover how emotionally intelligent you are with our 360º assessment and develop the skills you need to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

Learn what it truly means to be emotionally intelligent

We believe that developing Emotional Intelligence is not only sensing inner signals, managing internal states, adapting to different circumstances, and practicing empathy towards others. This is what it means to develop Emotional Intelligence on a first, graspable level.


The Ripple Effect Model offers a holistic examination of what having Emotional Intelligence means in practice.

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