Leverage your emotions
to define your next career move

If you are struggling to figure out your next professional step, our Passion Questionnaire can help. 

The Ripple Effect Passion Questionnaire is a tool designed to help adults and teenagers figure out their next professional step by identifying what they are deeply passionate about. 


Here at The Ripple Effect, we believe that the more you enjoy what you do for a living, the greater your financial freedom and fulfillment can be.

Why? Because the more you enjoy what you do for a living, the more time, energy, and resources you will invest; and the more invested you are, the more skilled you can become and, therefore, the higher the external and internal rewards can be. 


Think about it. Most likely, the professionally successful (and fulfilled) people that you know of don’t just “like” certain aspects of what they do for a living; they have found what they are truly passionate about. 


And how did they find their passion? Well, even if they weren’t entirely aware of it, they leveraged their emotions. 

How to complete the Passion Questionnaire

To help you figure out your next professional step, we ask you to list 20 activities that you enjoy doing the most. No less, no more. 

The activities can range from taking a walk on the beach to teaching math or watching basketball matches.


Once you list the 20 activities that you enjoy doing the most, you will have 17 questions to answer (Reflection Questions, Yes/No Questions, and How Often Questions) about every single one of your chosen activities. These questions will prompt you to reflect on how each activity makes you feel and how successful you think you would be at performing that activity for a living. This will help you differentiate between possible professional activities and purely recreational ones, and find the golden mean between the passion that drives you forward and rational decision-making.

Your answers will have numeric values, which we will add up to produce a grand total for each activity. The higher the sum, the more you enjoy a particular activity and the more you see it as something you can succeed in professionally.


If you are ready to take the Passion Questionnaire, gain access below. It’s free of charge; we only need your email address to grant you access. 

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Not only is this tool going to offer you valuable insights, it is also a great exercise for developing your self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Add meaning to your Passion Questionnaire

So, you’ve completed the Passion Questionnaire. Now what?


The Passion Questionnaire is not intended to take you straight to planning your next professional step; it provides you with a meaningful starting point and useful insights. It all depends on how you interpret your results and what conclusions you draw from them.


It might be the case that your top three activities have nothing in common and you don’t know how they can be combined into one career move; or, even though your results make complete sense, you still might not know what to do with them, or there might be something that keeps you from doing what you always wanted to do or study. 


This is why we offer you the possibility of booking a 90-minute coaching session with us for 49 USD , following the completion of the Passion Questionnaire. 

Book your coaching session below if you would like us to help you make sense of your Passion Questionnaire and figure out where to transition, where to begin your career, or what to study.

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